2019 KC SHRM Speakers & Presentations


Gina Hester & Jennie Gonzales

Common DLSE Violations & the Investigation Process

Dr. John Stark

Basics in Employee Values & Attitudes Impacting the Bottom Line

Jerry Pearson & Denise Montecino

Taking the Stigma out of the Interactive Process

John Hutson & Alice Goldsmith

Creating a Brand Culture

CSUDH Professor Panel Lead by Brian Jarret

An Interest-based Approach to Leadership

Lilliana Salazar

Critical Developments Impacting Employee Benefits for 2020

Alden Parker

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Delores Neira

Having Difficult Discussions

Felicia Gomez

Adapting Workplace Wellness Programs

Tracy Leach

HR & PR – Working Together to Manage Crises Like a Boss

Jon Decoteau

Certification & how to Invest in Your Career

Melissa Anzman

Create an effective employee experience strategy using HR metrics

Sue Watson

Re-engaging the Cerebral Cortex to Manage Conflict

Dr. Juanita Webb

Don't put a Band-aid on Diversity & Inclusion

Lauren Patterson

Empowering Employees Through Coaching Not Micromanagement