Sue Watson

2019 Speaker

Sue Watson’s “can do” attitude brings energy and ideas for reshaping, overhauling and upgrading your business.

  • 25+ years of professional consulting services spanning four continents
  • A multitude of industries and interests covered
  • A straightforward systematic and scientific methodology
  • A world view and a global approach to business success
  • An expert in the field of human development

Sue understands markets, trends, systems, finances and people, and helps leaders build the foundation and the environment for ideas to flourish. Sue specializes in the development of leaders and strategic planning for extraordinary results. She is committed to making a positive difference and helping you see what’s possible for your life, team and business.


“Re-engaging the Cerebral Cortex to Manage Conflict”

Come and learn how to manage yourself and others when in a conflict situation. Understand how the brain works and help people move away from anger and emotion, and into more rational and constructive behaviors. Regain control over your cerebral cortex and calm the emotional center of the brain quickly and easily. Provide a certain kind of listening and create agreements that all parties can align on for a more peaceful future state.