Lauren Patterson

2019 Speaker

Delighted Coaching, Inc

Lauren Patterson is the Founder/Co-Owner of Delighted Coaching, Inc. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs develop and set their company’s vision and direction by connecting them to coaches and resources that will help them strategize, implement and execute their vision.

With over 25 years of experience in the business world, Lauren is very knowledgeable in setting up a company’s framework. She is also knowledgeable in other HR areas, including recruitment and development of human resources, strategic planning, daily operations, and tracking and measuring data for review and revisions.

Lauren values delighting in the vision of others and committing to helping them see their vision to fruition. She builds trust through authentic relationships with everyone she meets. Outside of Delighted Coaching, Inc., she is the Co-Founder and Director of the Christian Coaching Program at Summit Bible College and holds a seat on the board of Be Finally Free, Inc.


“Empowering Employees Through Coaching, Not Micromanagement”

Delighted Coaching, Inc. uses tried and true coaching practices merged with current trends to educate your management team, lead and empower them to get the job done to free up resources and accelerate company growth.

You will walk away with the skills necessary to develop a winning, engaged and synchronized team that produces positive results for the growth of your company.

We will be giving you the CliffsNotes to our eight-week training series, which is designed to turn managers into coaches who empower and lead their staff to take pride in their work. You will learn how to get away from old traditional management styles.