Jon Hutson

2019 Speaker


Jon Hutson began his brand development career with the London-based Imagination Ltd. and Caribiner International. Jon honed his strategic branding skills during his tenure with the corporate identity firm, Siegel & Gale. Serving as Sr. Vice President of Corporate and Brand Development for Wolfgang Puck Catering and Events, Jon helped lead the company’s growth across the United States.

Jon is a pioneer in welding the disciplines of strategic branding and culture development united in Shared Purpose. Jon cultivated the idea of forming a new kind of agency that integrates brand and organizational development as the flip sides of the same coin. With BrandCulture now in its second decade, Jon takes singular satisfaction in finding that the world has, at long last, come around to his point of view.


“Creating a Brand Culture”

Attendees will learn how leading brands have moved beyond brand as experience to brand as culture. They will provide an overview of BrandCulture’s Shared Purpose and Culture Framework principles, a holistic foundation for strengthening and aligning an organization’s culture and employee experience by leveraging six distinct components: Communications, Leadership, Environment, Symbolism, Rewards & Recognition and Structure.

Jon and Alice will facilitate a co-creation activity to explore opportunities for applying these principles across the entirety of the employee experience, spanning Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, Development and Sustainment. By leveraging strategic branding, design thinking principles and culture-building techniques, leaders can not only create educational and engaging employee experiences, but also influence an organization’s brand and culture to more effectively inform and inspire customers and employees alike.