Dr. Brian Jarrett

2019 Speaker

Professor and NCRP Department Chair

Professor and NCRP Department Chair, Dr. Brian Jarrett, is a lawyer and professional mediator and arbitrator in both the United States and Canada. He also holds a Ph.D. in Sociology.

Dr. Jarrett’s interests include Mediation, Arbitration Dispute Systems Design (DSD), Restorative Practices and Therapeutic Jurisprudence (TJ).

In recent years, he has originated work in Integral Mediation, which promotes interdisciplinary practices in mediation. His practice ranges from work with local communities to international organizations. In both his written work and classroom teaching, Dr. Jarrett works to bridge theory and practice in the field of Dispute Resolution.

Dr. Jarrett will share the panel discussion time with Ambassador Steve Rhodes and Dr. Kara Dellacioppa.


“An Interest-based Approach to Leadership”

Meaning is central to productivity in the workplace. Employers too often forget to create environments in which employees can discover and create meaning. Rediscovering essential human interests can help employees find meaning in the workplace, leading to greater commitment and work productivity. Leaders can learn to create meaningful workplaces by exploring interests to create meaning, particularly in situations involving workplace conflicts.