Felicia Gomez

2019 Speaker

Pinnacle Training Systems

Felicia Gomez, Ph.D. is an Exercise Physiologist and Nutritional Consultant with Pinnacle Training Systems. Felicia has a Ph.D. in Exercise, Metabolism and Nutrition.

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field, Felicia has unparalleled expertise in transforming personal health. Her passion for fitness developed from her successful career as a professional cyclist in elite sports. The phrase, “If you love something with all your heart, do it,” captures how Felicia lives her life – dedicating herself to excellence in every endeavor.

As part of Pinnacle Training Systems, Felicia offers innovative and comprehensive services for public entities interested in enhancing the health and wellness of their employees. The company applies scientific principles to every program and service offered, giving individuals and companies of all shapes, sizes and abilities a clear way to identify and achieve their goals.


“Adapting Workplace Wellness Programs”

Due to rising medical claims and costs, many public and private entities are looking for ways to mitigate this liability. Felicia will share a step-by-step process in developing and implementing a grassroots workplace wellness program. Components of an effective workplace wellness program will be discussed. She will also help identify the key steps required to execute the program and the data needed to evaluate its success and effectiveness.