Season Susko

Membership Director

HR Director, JTS Construction

Contact Information
Business: (661) 832-1900


In her prior careers, Season Susko had no idea the work she performed would prepare and strengthen her for a rewarding career in human resources. Season earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration while counseling incarcerated adults in California prisons while managing a large regional caseload. Very early on, Season taught servicemembers and military families in Monterey County, California how to understand, navigate and use the Tri-Care health plan system which she viewed as the best part of working for the US government. This experience prepared her with the right amount of emotional intelligence and organizational abilities to brave the field of human resources. Season graduated with her Master of Business Administration, MBA in 2011 while working for the world’s largest hay export company as an HR Manager and promoted to her first Directorship there. Experienced in the communications, medical, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries, Season has spent the last four years serving two local construction companies as their HR Director. She most recently served on the KC SHRM board as Diversity Director and previously served a three-year term as President where she led her board to increase membership by over 100%! Being the mother of two adults and a five-year-old, she seemingly has no shortage of energy. She can be hiking in the mountains one morning and be roller-skating later the same day. Living life to the fullest, helping and being a support to others is her purpose. Season is delighted to be in consideration for the Membership Director role for the 2022 year!